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Our Company

Wuxi Tennied Metal TechnologyCo., Ltd. is an industrial and trade enterprise specializing in the production of stainless steel plates, stainless steel coils and various stainless steel profiles. It is widely used in key industries such as curtain wall, high-speed rail, communications, new energy, shipbuilding, animal husbandry and other major engineering projects at home and abroad.

Wuxi Tennied Metal TechnologyCo., Ltd. has more than 40 years of professional experience in the production of stainless steel. It has many production plants and service outlets at home and abroad, providing customers with local service options, and its marketing network is spread all over the world. With 20000 tons of automated storage system and more than 20000 product specifications, Shandong Tenniedstrives to create the world's largest supply center of stainless steel raw materials to meet customers' one-stop purchase demand.

At the beginning of the company's establishment, the company developed rapidly in the mode of "manufacturing". In 1999, the chairman of the board of directors changed his business model in a forward-looking way and opened branches all over the country to continue to explore in the mode of "manufacturing+access"; Under the impact of industrial automation, we followed the pace of the times. In 2004, we established a 20000 ton automatic storage system in the domestic stainless steel industry. In 2005, we introduced Oracle ERP, OA management system, WMS storage logistics system with a large amount of money to complete the transformation of automation and informatization, and further improve our competitiveness; In 2012, the Tennied website was officially launched, and the "manufacturing+access+internet" model was initially established, and Tenniedtook a new attitude to meet the challenges of the world; In 2016, the head office established the Channel Business Department to open the road of the first circulation platform of high-end hardware in China; In 2018, the strategic positioning of the platform of "full, excellent, fast and provincial" was officially clarified; In 2020, under the epidemic situation, Tennied rose sharply against the trend, broke all records, and successfully signed a new factory by increasing capital and expanding production. We have been seeking for change and development. We have never stopped exploring stainless steel. We do not know what the future world will be like, but we know that it must be a world with "silk" light from us.

  • Corporate Vision
    Featured Steel Green Home
  • Corporate Mission
    Dedicating high-quality steel products to create a better life
  • Planning objectives
    Build the world's best steel product production base and become an excellent supplier and service provider of steel series products

Management View - System Management, Improving Value

Production Concept - Lean Production, Continuous Improvement

Quality concept - quality as the root, casting quality

The concept of information - connecting longitude and latitude, with unlimited value.

Product concept - meticulously casting high-quality products, and meticulously promoting high-quality products.

Construction concept - Serve the overall situation of production, and create high-quality products through project construction.

Cost View - There is a bottom line for cost, and there is no limit to management.

Marketing concept - to meet customer needs, serve the market, and achieve win-win results.

Performance concept - motivation driven, value highlighting, and continuous progress

Facility concept - maximizing the overall efficiency of equipment.

Safety concept - safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management.

Logistics concept - fast and smooth, safe operation, strengthened implementation, and cost control